Shannon-Beeby-RSVP-Award-Cinema-Bayou-Film-Festival_Bee Nest Films and Watergun Outlaw Productions had the recent pleasure of attending the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana last week, as well as the honor of being the benefactor of a “Goujon Caille” (Golden Catfish) award for Bee Nest’s narrative short film, RSVP.

After the screening of RSVP, a talkback was held, wherein the audience’s reaction reinforced the small independent short film’s emotional impact. Mrs. Beeby spoke about her motivation for making RSVP, “I hope to share something that is unapologetically sincere. Sincerity can be a scary thing these days. It isn’t always the best way to get in with “the cool kids” But, I had to be honest with myself, and accept that I would rather be un-ironic or ‘uncool’ in favor of telling a story that is sincere and has the potential to heal and unify.“

BeeNest Films central storytelling goal is to use the art form of cinema to prompt a shift in perspective. This goal is also motivating BeeNest’s festival submission strategy. Executive Producer, Ryan Jonze shares the production companies approach, “RSVP has an ability to really resonate in areas that have a strong history and relationship with the Christian faith, for example, the South or more rural areas. This is because the pain caused by the friction between Conservative Christianity and the LGBTQ Communities is still very present. RSVP invites the viewer to confront and feel something that is still very difficult for a lot of communities in this country to explore in an empathetic way.”

At the Closing Night Ceremony for the Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival, the organizers, Rebecca Hudsmith and Pat Mire, awarded the RSVP Team with a beautiful “Goujon Caille” on behalf of the festival’s jury panel. The metal statuette is hand-made by cajun artist Andre Juneau, and evokes the whimsy and charm of Lafayette perfectly. After the ceremony, and as a Zydeco band played and everyone celebrated with beers and bourbons in hand, the 2016 Cinema On The Bayou Film Festival danced a rousing ‘good bye’ waltz into the night.

It’s also very much worth noting that the RSVP troupe had an amazing time in Lafayette, made even more special with their time spent at the eclectic cafe, TRIBE Collective. When not attending screenings at the Cinema on the Bayou film festival, lead actor, Lance R. Marshal, Mrs. Beeby and Mr. Jonze found themselves hanging out and eating the delicious, raw, vegan treats at TRIBE Collective. Co-Owner Melodie Carbuccia and Manager Walt Jamison opened their doors and their hearts and gave the RSVP team the gift of true Cajun kindness and hospitality, all served up in on a plate along side delicious whole and vibrant food. “The only thing missing”, said Marshall, “is the presence of our Producer, James Oxford and the rest of the RSVP team”.

TRIBE Collective Vegan Raw Food Lafayette Louisiana

And on that note, if you ever find yourself in Lafayette, Louisiana – whether for the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, the music scene or any other reason to visit Lafayette (there’s plenty!), you must do yourself a favor by stopping in at TRIBE Collective and trying as many of their mind-blowing raw treats as possible!