Film Exercises

Making of Mermaid

In collaboration with Watergun Outlaw Productions, Bee Nest has another short film exercise in the can. Called Mermaid, this 4-minute “shortie” was an experiment into the absurd…not too far removed from the dark and absurd tones in our prior, award-winning short film, Apples, which you can watch here for free.

In Mermaid, the tone is devoid of being “dark”, yet still absurd, funny and with a good dab of social commentary. Producer Skip Shea once told us  at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival that our films remind him of the Czech New Wave film movement. And judging by the tone of our future scripts in development, Skip may have very well called it!

Here’s a screen shot of a scene in Mermaid with Lance R. Marshall and Ryan Jonze.


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